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The third Spanish BUNDLE My School – Mi Escuela is now available! It covers four topics related to school:

1. Mi Salón de Clases – My Classroom

2.  Mi materiales de la escuela – My School Supplies

3. Mis materias de la escuela – My School Subjects

4.  Mis actividades de la escuela – My School Activities

There are 4 pdfs in this BUNDLE. These include a reference page for the vocabulary set, matching worksheets with pictures, matching Spanish to English, flashcards, games and more.

Each packet covers about 20 to 25 new vocabulary words with practice worksheets & flashcards for this new vocab… plus, each packet also includes full practice sentences. These sentences build upon the vocabulary in the previous sets.  For example from 3.1: . El pizarrón es rectángulo.: The chalkboard is rectangle. (colors & shapes are covered in Set 2). Example from 3.2 El dibujo es cómico.: The drawing is funny. (adjectives were covered in Set 1 family)  Example from 3.3 A mí me gusta la clase de geografia. I like geography class. Example from 3.4  Yo leo un libro. I read a book.

Spanish BUNDLE Set 3 - escuela - SCHOOL

Looking for an entire Spanish Program for your kids? If you are looking for an amazing Online Elementary Spanish Program with videos, online games & activities (as well as these worksheets) be sure to see the note below. These Spanish Sets are available in Sra. Morato’s Online Elementary Spanish Program: Homeschool Spanish Curriculum!

FYI: My girls have been in Sra. Morato’s elementary Spanish program for a couple of years now and they have a huge vocabulary and can actually speak!  This is an *amazing* program! Again, more details down below!

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 3: Escuela – School

This set includes 4 pdfs and includes worksheets, flashcards, games and more!

  • 1. Mi Salón de Clases – Learn items around the school room including things like table, chair, globe, clock, floor, wall etc. 30 pages including answer pages.
  • 2.  Mi materiales de la escuela – Learn materials you use in school such as paper, pencil, glue, paint brush, scissors, and more. 35 pages
  • 3. Mis materias de la escuela – Learn the school classes such as math, science, history, art, music and more. 35 pages
  • Mis actividades de la escuela– Learn activities you might do at school. These are simple verbs such as I study, I draw, I practice, I learn, I use, I sing and more. 35 pages

Note: This is a zipped file with 4 pdfs. You might need to accept the file before it downloads completely. Keep your eye on the bottom of your browser as the file downloads.

Spanish Worksheets for Kids: Mi Escuela

Spanish Worksheet Bundle Set 3: Escuela – School

Set 3: $7.99 currently $6.99

 $7.99 $6.99 Spanish Set 3: School – 1. Mi Salón de Clases 2.  Mi materiales de la escuela 3. Mis materias de la escuela 4.  Mis actividades de la escuela (includes 4 pdfs)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or problems! ~Liesl

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Spanish Worksheets - Mi salón de escuela - My school roomSpanish Unit - My School supplies- Los materiales de mi escuelaMis materias de la escuela - School Subjects - Spanish Worksheets for KidsMis Actividades de la Escuela - School Activities - Spanish Worksheets for Kids

Let me tell you about how/why these Spanish Worksheets were created!

Sra. Morato - Homeschool Spanish CurriculumSra. Morato, a native Spanish speaker and Spanish teacher with more than 20+ years of teaching experience, and I have worked for the past several years building the Spanish Elementary Program.

This is an online course that builds progressively from topic to topic, using vocabulary from previous units. The Online Elementary Spanish Program includes videos, online flashcards, online games, and face-to-face classroom/speaking time with Sra. Morato. These worksheet sets are found within Sra. Morato’s Spanish Elementary Spanish Course. (See more about Sra. Morato’s Online Homeschool Spanish Program in the Spanish Store!)

These worksheets are one small part of the Online Elementary Program, but Sra. Morato and I agreed that we would make these available to educators who already speak Spanish and only need extra material for their kids. 🙂

Again, here’s how you can reach us and where you can find more information!:

Visit the Spanish Store.

Sra. Morato’s website: HomeschoolSpanishCurriculum.com

Sra. Morato’s email:  info@spanisheducationalsolutions.com

Contact me (Liesl) for more information about the Spanish Worksheets here.

Be sure to check out the other Spanish BUNDLES in the Spanish Store!

Three Spanish Worksheet BUNDLES are now available as is the Human Body Parts Packet. 🙂

$6.99 $5.99 Spanish Set 1: Mi familia – My Family (includes 4 pdfs 1. ¿Quién es mi familia? 2. ¿Cómo se llama mi familia? 3. ¿Cómo es mi familia? 4. Saludos y despedidas

$6.99 $5.99 Spanish Set 2: BUNDLE: colores, formas y figuras, mascotas, números (includes 4 pdfs)

$3.99 el cuerpo humano Spanish Worksheet Packet (1 pdf – 25 pages)

Be sure to check your PayPal email address for the download link!

Spanish BUNDLE Set 1 - Mi Familia - My familySpanish Worksheet BUNDLE Set 2 - colores formas figuras mascotas numeros - colors shapes pets numbersSpanish Worksheets - el cuerpo humano The Human Body

Coming Soon to the Spanish Store: Spanish Set 4: BUNDLE: Los Días de la semana; Los Meses del año; Las Estaciones; El tiempo o El Clima (includes 4 pdfs)

Spanish Set 5: BUNDLE: My House: Mi casa; Mi dormitorio; Mi sala y baño; Mis quehaceres (includes 4 pdfs)

Spanish Store - ButtonSee you again soon here or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter. And, be sure to visit Sra. Morato’s website HomeschoolSpanishCurriculum.com

Happy Homeschooling!
~Liesl and Sra. Morato

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