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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

Learning to read and write is a very beautiful thing.  It comes with tears and arguments for sure, but once it starts to click, those bright eyes of knowledge are simply beautiful.  As with anything, there are all types of reading and writing programs. Some have lots of bells and whistles while others are very minimalist.  Now that two of my three children are readers and I see my 3 year old bending toward it, I have a greater appreciation for the minimalist approach.  Today we are reviewing just such a program - the Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook from Everyday Education, LLC. 

What We Received:

We received access to a single download of the Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting ebook: The Intelligent Parent's Complete Step-by-Step Program for Teaching Any Child How to Read in 60 Days!  This is a 218 page ebook that teaches children how to read while providing a model for handwriting that is simple yet beautiful.  As a digital file, it is reproducible and useful for multiple children or repeated practice. The first five chapters include 60 reading lessons with handwriting practice.  Chapter 6 focuses deeper on handwriting.

How It Works:

As is stated in the beginning of this book, you can use Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handwriting in at least four different ways:
  • To Teach Young Children How to Read and Write
  • To Teach Children With Reading Difficulties to Read Effectively
  • To Teach Children To Have Fast, Legible, Attractive Handwriting
  • To Teach Yourself Beautiful Handwriting
If your child is new to reading then starting at the beginning is ideal. Each lesson focuses on a collection of words that share a similar sound or grouping.  Typically there is a reading page and then one or two handwriting practice pages.  While some fast paced students could theoretically do one lesson per day, it is not really recommended that way.  In the Charlotte Mason tradition, short lessons are found to be more effective and these lessons are great for revisiting as long as is necessary.
If handwriting is your main focus for this program, the practicing pages are conveniently separated from the instruction pages so that you aren't forced to print unnecessary portions.  As the handwriting progresses, it delves further into calligraphy ideas which is great for all ages.  It discusses slanted lettering, joining letters, edged pens, etc. Learning to slant your letters is something I have always been able to do, but I honestly have never thought very much about it.  Along with a uniquely lined handwriting practice pages, this program plainly and simply provides a beautiful framework for enhancing your own writing abilities. 

How We Used It:

My 6 year old daughter is an avid reader so we had no need for that portion, but her handwriting still needs a lot of practice.  I printed the handwriting practice pages without the instruction pages in order for her to practice.  While reading is not something she struggles with, it was so fun to watch her read the silly sentences and get so tickled by it that she ran and showed her brother on multiple occasions.  "Yell at a pig, have a big fig. Pet a fox, kiss an ox. A big black blob is on a block."

What We Thought: 

This program is very flexible to suit all levels of learning.  It is comprehensive, but easily split apart as needed.  The reading aspect is minimal, basic and adaptable to any situation. The font used is very accurate to actual handwriting that is clean and clear, but easily shifts into joining letters eventually.  The goofy sentences are fun and effective for children learning to read (and beyond) and my kids cracked up at them!  In my experience, learning to read doesn't require a lot of bells and whistles, but consistent instruction and lots of being reading time together.  This program has it down to a fine art all while combining handwriting instruction too.  I highly recommend this for new readers and writers!

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