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Are you new to homeschooling? Is your student in grades 3-6? Are you seeking to minimize your child’s Zoom classes? Do you want fun and authentic experiences learning about California history with your child? Would you like a California history guidebook for a year-long study? (If your family has moved to California, this one’s for you! Everyone can learn together.)

california history curriculum

Explore our curriculum, California Out of the Box. The curriculum itself is a Teacher’s Guide with reproducible sheets for students. Using a literature approach*, while reading five historical fiction books, your student(s) will gain a full understanding of the major historical moments in California; plus, while reading the Audubon Field Guide to California and Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast — your family will explore the amazing habitats in California that have contributed to the unique development of the Golden State, the gems and minerals that have (literally!) drawn people to California, and the geography — the location of major cities and landforms. We also offer complete literature boxes; visit this link for more information!

California Out of the Box Books

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But — if instead you would like someone else to impart this experience to your children, consider joining our online California Out of the Box history class. Click on the Instagram post below to see some of the creative projects Christine’s students completed last year. Don’t wait too long to sign-up, as we anticipate a crunch in August, with families waiting to sign-up. Christine will also teach one live class at FUNdamentals in Arcadia, which is nearly full.

Do you take public charter school funds?

Yes! All of our curriculum, literature boxes, and classes can be purchased with charter school funds.

* What is a “literature approach”?

Many find it surprising that math and science concepts can be learned — from preschool thru high school topics — by reading interesting books written by real experts.  But it is true! Children’s books, chapter books, biographies, popular best-sellers, online magazines, and journal articles can enhance the understanding of complex topics in science and math.

Julie Shepherd Knapp, Literature-Based Learning for Homeschoolers,” Homeschool Diner

A literature-based approach is a teaching method commonly used in homeschool. Instead of using a traditional textbook with a workbook, families read primary sources and historical fiction to learn about a given time period or subject matter. While the number of details learned might be smaller, the depth of learning can be much greater. Information tends to be retained longer and more deeply when story is used as the scaffolding for learning about a given subject matter.

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