Let’s talk 10th grade curriculum!


I usually have my homeschool curriculum picked out by February. In all honesty, I did this year too, but I put off writing because there were some possible things up in the air, and then all those bricks came tumbling down in March as we went into lockdown, so I’m going to write the plans as they are now, and we’ll see how it changes later. So here’s my provisional 10th-grade homeschool curriculum.

10th grade homeschool curriculum

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My hopes for 10th Grade Homeschooling

picking curriculum for your child even when they are looking crazy like this
Seriously, why do they do this?

I put off publishing this list because I wanted to be able to say, “And once class scheduling opens up the kids will be registering for dual enrollment.” You know what? The informational meeting was in February, and I’d planned to have the kids take the equivalency test at the end of March. Well, mid-March hit and the campus closed so we couldn’t take the tests.

I’m still hoping the kids can take the test and see about taking classes in the fall, but everything is up in the air.

Also, I don’t have physical copies of their curriculum to take pictures of, but at the same time I want this off of my plate for things I have done. I’m hitting publish as soon as I’m done writing this.

10th Grade Math

choosing your own avatar for teaching textbooks

The boys will be continuing on with Teaching Textbooks and learning all about Algebra II, I think I mistakenly said that’s what they were doing this year, and they were doing Geometry. I don’t know, whatever is coming next, that’s what they’re going to do. This is a picture from a few years ago when they were going through Algebra 1, since I’m not starting the subscription for Algebra II yet.

Princess will be continuing with Life of Fred, Advanced Algebra.


10th Grade Literature

Since we are studying modern history this year, we are going to read books that cover modern history. I’m pretty excited about some of these books because there are a few I really love.

Some of the books I have literature guides for, and some I haven’t found one yet. Okay, a lot of them I don’t have literature guides for yet.

If you’re curious, I’ve got a list of 40 1oth grade books made into movies. I’ll admit a lot of my books aren’t on this specific grade level though.

The only downside of this plan, we progress to current days way too quickly because I don’t have any particular books I wanted to choose that happen before the French Revolution. I suppose I could have chosen Last of the Mohicans, but I think the ones I’ve chosen will have more to discuss. Though, I’m still iffy on “Hunt for Red October” and “And Then There Were None.” I mainly wanted an Agatha Christie book, and that happens to be one I really like because of memories reading it. I may just give up on the whole Agatha Christie plan and have them read something different.

10th grade curriculum for homeschooling

10th Grade Writing

Writeshop homeschool writing curriculum

We’re going to use Writeshop II (check out my review of Writeshop I) for the first semester. I almost had the kids complete this during the current spring semester, but decided to continue with our plan of having other writing that wasn’t part of the curriculum.

Since that’s only a semester’s worth of work, I’ll probably also have them complete High School Writing Bundle 1.

Though, now that I think about it, maybe I’ll have them start Writeshop II right now….. Hmmm…. I’ll have to think about that.


10th Grade Science: Chemistry

breaking ionic bonds chemistry lesson

In all honesty, I’m kind of hoping this is the last year I’m telling you what our joint science lessons are. I’m hoping that after this year my kids are taking science up at the local community college. We’ll see if that happens.

So, this year we’re going to work through Apologia Chemistry, and I’m strongly leaning towards signing the kids up for a chemistry lab weekend, rather than me attempting to do the labs with them. Labs are tricky in high school, and I’d rather they do it with someone else in charge.

I still haven’t ordered this yet, it’s on my to-do list this week. I’ve got the tab open to do later on. You know, I started writing this like two weeks ago, and I still haven’t ordered it….


10th Grade history and geography

Modern history lessons

We’ll be cycling forward into Modern History this year, which means this will be the last year I teach the kids history.

Unless I decide to do a separate year of US history. I’m not inclined to do that right now, so maybe we’ll take longer and I’ll split it into another history credit for them.

We’ll be continuing our cooking and reading around the world for geography, and the United States. We’re progressing through this so slowly that it feels like this will be all four years of high school, and then we’ll have one, maybe two credits worth of work there.


Sigh, I really need to sit down and plan out school ideas.

Okay, my kids are approaching their sophomore year, and while I had a general idea of what to do with their high school years. I’m feeling like I need to take a solid stock of our plans for the rest of their high school and seriously look at what credits I want them to come out of this with. I know when I graduated high school 24 credits was the general requirement for going to college, but that it was increased shortly after I graduated high school up to 26 or 30? I forget exactly.

Let’s see suggested high school credits for a college-bound senior (as I recall):

  • 4 English
  • 4 Math
  • 3 Science
  • 1.5 P.E.
  • 2 Foreign Language
  • 2 History/Geography (has this been increased to 3?)
  • .5 health
  • 1 Government and Economics (both half credits)
  • 1 Fine Arts credit

All of that adds up to 21. So maybe I’m not so crazy as I was thinking, and we are on track.

10th grade homeschool curriculum for independent learning

Independent Projects for 10th Grade homeschool curriculum

Princess: future author

This year she’s been working through One Year Adventure Novel. She’s mostly through all of the videos. She has written one novella and is in the process of writing her second. I also want her to revise her first book because we published it in a hurry so she could give it to her Dad for Christmas. It needs serious revisions to my mind. It’s got good bones, but it needs expansion.

All that to say, she’s going to keep writing, and will potentially take the second course: One Year Adventure Novel: Other Worlds. I’m not sure if that is helpful or just having her watch all of Hello Future Me‘s videos on writing, and possibly reading his book on worldbuilding, On Writing and Worldbuilding, would be better. I’m somewhat inclined towards the second option.

I’ll probably discuss it with Princess on that one.

Batman: Future Chef

Right now, he’s cooking two recipes a week. At least one meal, and usually either a dessert or a bread recipe.

I want to make this more structured. He’s figured out he likes cooking meats and things like that, so I want him to figure out what does that mean. Here in Texas barbecue is popular, and if you can create a good barbecue recipe, then you can have a popular restaurant.


Superman: Future programmer

Superman has figured out he wants to be a video game programmer. Or, at least that’s his current theory. He’s going to continue through 42 Electronics because it’s a good base to work through, and I’m pretty sure there are some classes he’ll start taking at our local community college this coming fall or next Spring. We’ll see.


All our curriculum picks over the years

Interesting, how to my mind, there’s a mental switch from writing out the word between fifth and sixth grade.

Check out my Homeschool Curriculum page to see all of the homeschool curricula I’ve reviewed over the years.

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