How to Homeschool: A Quick Guide


This 7-week quick start will give you a starting place in homeschooling while you get organized.

“Help! We just decided to homeschool our kids and I’m freaking out!”

I’ve received various translations of the same message from so many family members, neighbors, friends, and readers that I’, putting all the answers on one page. THIS ONE.

Bookmark this page so it’s easy to find.

Homeschooling is like eating and elephant, you’ll have to do it one bite at a time.

Begin with the CORE of Homeschool.

My husband and I call it the holy trinity of homeschool: heart, attitude, and character. (20 Minute video)

My Book: Homeschooling from the Inside Out is available on Amazon starting at $7.99.

Set your MASTER Homeschool Goals

17 minutes that will give you confidence that you CAN homeschool.

I CAN Teach my child Benchmarks for K-5th pdf printable $25

Make it through Homeschool Planning Season

You don’t need a lot of stuff to homeschool, but you do need: heart, goals, a few materials, community, and a gray haired friend. (29 minutes)

Homeschool Planner

This one doesn’t need to be fancy, but you should keep track of what you are teaching your kids. I always kept a reverse planner: a journal of what we actually did throughout our day!

Great planners:

Yes, there are a bazillion types. These are my favorites

Beyond Blessed Life Planner by Ana! Sweet and practical!!$25

If you’re a planner junkie, you’re gonna want to see Erin’s Planners! $35-$60

What Should You Teach?

Don’t let anyone try to convince you that there is an actual list of things every child should learn at any given age. Each child is different.

how to homeschool
$25 for the complete set! Each Grade can be purchased separately

These are NOT hard fast rules. I combed through state standards and blended what the educational system tries to have kids learn during a particular year with gray hair and classroom experience.

Each grade has what you can teach your child written in plain English for each grade K-5.

Math. Don’t get hung up here

Each curriculum provider will tell you their program is better, but at the end of the day they will all cover the same basic concepts. Choosing a math curriculum that works for you and your child is a kind of experiment.

My favorites may not be your favorites. Each of my kids have thrived with different ones, “just to keep life interesting.”

Teachers File Box by Evan Moor

how to homeschool

Evan Moor has been my FAVORITE homeschooling/teaching resource for about 20 years!

Why Evan Moor?

These are my favorite resources for K-5 because they are clear, easy to use and adaptable for different learning styles.

If you have a printer and are comfortable printing lessons as you go, DEFINITELY get the Teachers file Box! For Less than $10 a month (if you pay annually; $13-ish of you pay monthly) you can get access to almost ALL of the Evan Moor treasures.

If you decide to just order the workbooks, budget about $20 -40 per subject.

If you grab your core four subjects: Math, Language, History, and Science you can get EVERYTHING you need to have a ball learning with your kids!

EVAN Moor Math of all kinds

Evan Moor Language including reading, writing, grammar, spelling, and more!

Evan Moor History brought to life with hand-on projects and crafts!

Evan Moor Science STEM

Definitely Doodle!

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