Homeschooling Stress in Parents is a Nightmare! 5 Ways To Defeat It


Homeschooling stress can sometimes be your worst enemy and make you throw up your hands and declare, ‘The children are going back to school, now!’ Some situations can be very stressful, especially when parents are new to home education. However, homeschooling doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In this article, parents learn what creates stress and what relieves it. Getting on top of homeschooling stress can mean the rest of your children’s educational journey is pleasant and fulfilling.

By studying nine homeschooling mothers, researchers, Jennifer Rathmell and Gail Collins, identified the top five things that cause homeschooling stress. They also studied what parents could do to avoid these stressors and prevent them from occurring in the first place.


Top 5  Things Causing Homeschooling Stress in Parents

Although there are many things that can cause homeschooling stress, reasearchers identified the most common stressors below:

1.      Overwhelming responsibility

2.      Dealing with their homeschooled child’s behaviour and [lack of] motivation

3.      Confusion over finding the ‘right’ curriculum

4.      Stereotypes and stigmas over homeschooling

5.      Distractions and extras


The same study identified what helped home educators flourish in light of the above stressors they experienced. These are the things that they found that resolve homeschooling stress in parents:

1.     Control and freedom (which counteracted Stressor #1 – overwhelming responsibility)

2.      Poignant moments (which counteracted Stressor #2 – dealing with their homeschooled child’s behavior and motivation)

3.      Having the right curriculum (which counteracted Stressor #3 – confusion over finding the ‘right’ curriculum)

4.      Supportive spouses (which counteracted Stressor #4 – stereotypes and stigmas over homeschooling)

5.      The greater homeschooling community (which counteracted Stressor #5 – distractions and extras)

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Even with every stressor identified, participants found another ‘face’ to their stress which meant that even though an event was stressful, another side to the negative stress could often be found.

That other side was good as it allowed home educators to inject positive things into their homeschooling days.

If the event were handled and recovered in this way, great satisfaction could result. On this point, the researchers, Rathmell and Collins (2013) explain:

For instance, “dealing with bad behaviour” was wearing on a homeschool mother, and yet the same situation provided an opportunity to “communicate family values, teach, and train” which was a primarily flourishing and positive aspect of home education. What seemed to be an initial reluctance is what I believe to be an inner tension of categorizing any facet of homeschooling as completely stressful. [Source]

The same frustrating situation was seen by participants as stressful, yet rewarding if opportunities were taken to make the situation positive.


Overwhelming Responsibility

The Problem of Overwhelming Responsibility

Homeschooling stress in parents sometimes manifests with a vengeance once parents begin homeschooling. They feel an enormous amount of responsibility to educate their children well. This responsibility – which other parents hand over to school authorities – is felt acutely as home educators compare their children to those in more traditional school settings.

Responsibility to progress their child’s education as well as provide effective socialisation opportunities are felt keenly.


The Solution to Overwhelming Responsibility

​Having control of this responsibility empowers homeschooling parents. When parents can ‘do whatever they like’, the restrictive enslavement to a restrictive curriculum or way of life are no longer felt.

Home educators don’t have to stress about bad schedules, ineffective teachers, or undesirable school environment. They can choose who thier children socialise with and what time they socialise.

​Parents can strategically plan their children’s social lives and influences. Without the freedom of home education, this sort of control cannot be experienced.

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Dealing with Bad Behaviours and Lack of Motivation

The Problem of Bad Behaviours and Motivational Issues

Dealing with bad behaviour and lack of motivation in our children can be cause for considerable discouragement and homeschooling stress in parents.

Homeschooling parents may be surprised to learn even traditional educators get worn out by the demands of constant discipline and correction in the classroom (in fact, disciplining students is one of the most significant causes for stress in teachers).

Because parent educators spend far more time with their children, the temptation to ‘snap’ at children is stronger and reveals our sinful hearts to our chagrin. (Of course, our children also know how to push our buttons better than anyone else!).

Failure to deal with bad behaviour effectively can lead to burnout (again, this happens to classroom teachers with ‘low classroom management efficacy).

The Solution to Behaviours and Motivational Issues

Homeschooling environments can passionately and personally speak truth into children’s lives. Even though a homeschooler’s behaviours and lack of motivation might be frustrating, parents can teach their children wisdom about how to behave better and be more motivated. Parents can effectively disciple and mentor their children which was an enormous encouragement to home educators.

The joy of learning together also provides great encouragement as parents model their Christian worldview to children. This mentoring and discipleship creates great joy. Parents can expose their children’s negative attitudes and create unity. Researchers concluded, ‘This opportunity seemed to abate the stress of misbehaviour and discipline.’


Confusion Over Finding the ‘Right’ Curriculum

The Problem of Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum

Discovering the right curriculum is one of the biggest decisions homeschool parents have to make. It is one of the problems faced early on in the homeschooling journey.

While the internet provides great resources and options in terms of curriculum, the internet also easily overwhelms homeschooling parents – especially new homeschooling parents. For educationally untrained parents, navigating the seas of homeschooling curriculum can be overwhelming.


The Solution to Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum

When parents find what they consider to be the right curriculum, stress on this head can be mitigated.

For instance, if children are studying with a maths curriculum they find too challenging or too unsuitable, changing curriculum providers to a better or more tailored provider can fix the problem and decrease homeschool stress in parents.

At school, switching to an individualised curriculum wouldn’t be an option which makes homeschooling parents feel better about their choice to homeschool.

​Home provides an opportunity to meet their children’s needs with more freedom as they use different teaching methods, curriculums and presentations.


Homeschooling Stereotypes and Stigmas​

The Problem of Stereotypes and Stigmas

When you homeschool, you are going outside of the mainstream. Rejecting the status quo brings opposition from those who support the status quo or ‘the way everyone else does it’. This can create a lot of homeschool stress for parents

Much of the opposition comes from friends and family whose opinions many home educators respect.

Criticism over homeschooling can cause parents to feel less confident and more defensive about their educational choices. Talking to people who don’t understand your educational choices may also cause a great deal of awkwardness.

Unlike mainstream school parents, homeschoolers feel the need to justify their method of education as it is not the status quo.


The Solution to Stereotypes and Stigmas

Having the right people around you to encourage and guide you can reduce stress-related to stigmas and stereotypes about homeschooling.

A supportive spouse is important for unity and educational success in the homeschool.

Other homeschooling parents are also a tremendous encouragement to homeschooling parents; their mentoring support can be the difference between sinking or swimming.

I’ve also found that knowing how to lovingly and gracefully defend and promote homeschooling among critics can often turn detractors into advocates!


Distractions and Extras

The Problem of Distractions and Extras

Distractions, while parents are trying to teach their children, can be stressful and discouraging for homeschooling parents.

The presence of small children makes teaching especially painful at times as parents have to teach around nap and feeding times. When parents can’t teach during these times, they might fall behind in the curriculum. This creates further homeschooling stress in parents.

Many extracurricular activities also create stress as parents must travel (sometimes long distances) to make the activity happen. When a parent committed to extracurricular activities (such as Dance, Music and Art), yet hadn’t done their core activities (such as Maths and English), extracurricular activities often became an even bigger burden.


The Solution to Distractions and Extras

Encouragement, despite falling behind, can be gathered from homeschooling co-ops (places where many homeschooling extracurricular activities take place).

These co-ops can help parents with teaching core subjects and give encouragement to drowning home educators.

Extracurricular activities like field trips can also help parents with their homeschool stress as they see their children loving learning and relax as they notice their children making educational progress.

Social support was noted to be very powerful in countering stressors related to distractions and extras.


Your Homeschooling Stress

Given the problems and solutions we’ve discovered on this page, write down what your problem is. Compare your problem to the list above and see if you can find a solution to your stressful homeschooling situation.

My PROBLEM is: __________________________________________________________________________________________

​My SOLUTION is:__________________________________________________________________________________________

5 Reasons You Are a Stressed Homeschool Parent. (1)


Conclusion: Don’t Put Up with Homeschool Stress!

You often don’t have to put up with homeschooling stress. There seem to be plenty of effective ways to avoid stress in the home. Make sure you follow these methods and see if they work. You can also ask other, more experienced homeschooling parents about your problems. Remember to keep evaluating your homeschool and hit the ‘Don’t Panic’ button when you need to.

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