Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd Edition - MP3 Audio CD


Vendor: Apologia
Price: 27.50

Exploring Creation with Biology MP3 Audio Book on CD
Many students learn best by hearing, rather than reading text. Until now, the Apologia Exploring Creation series, with its abundance of text, has been too laborious for these auditory students. If this is the case for you, then the Exploring Creation with Biology MP3-CD is the perfect solution. Families with multiple students learning together or a family that needs to do schoolwork on the go will also find the Exploring Creation with Biology MP3-CD to be a terrific accompaniment to the textbook.

Audio Recording Contains the Complete Text
The Exploring Creation with Biology MP3-CD contains an audio recording of the complete text of Exploring Creation with Biology, 3rd edition. Also included is the audio for the “On Your Own” problems, although the study guides, test, and answers are not included.

Please note that this is an MP3-CD, not a standard CD, which means that you will need to play it in a computer, an MP3-compatible CD player, or downloaded to an MP3 device such as an iPod or iPhone.
ISBN: 9781946506498
Publisher: Apologia Educational Ministries
Edition: 3rd Edition
Format: MP3 audio CD (requires MP3 compatible CD player)
Faith-Based: Yes

Awards and Endorsements:
Old Schoolhouse EE Award 2015 1st Place Winner!
Practical Homeschooling 2015 Reader Award Top Ranked by Homeschoolers!
One of Cathy Duffy's 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 2015!
About.com Readers' Choice Winner!

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