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Earth Party!

How would you describe Earth Party: An Early Introduction to the Linnaean System of Classification of Living Things Unit Study?

Earth Party! is a vibrant new biology curriculum designed for homeschool families. In this curriculum, students will explore single-celled life such as bacteria and protozoa through the plant and animal kingdom. It features a Teacher’s Book and a Student Book filled with comprehension questions, diagrams, and supplemental project planning sheets.

Beyond the curriculum book, what else will I need for this literature approach curriculum?

The following 3 books are used in the curriculum:

  • Tree of Life (Rochelle Strauss)
  • Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia, Volume 4
  • Karl, Get Out of the Garden! (Anita Sanchez)
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If I buy the Student Book, is the Teacher’s Book required?

Yes. The Teacher’s Book contains the answer keys and directions for each week of study. The Student Book relies on Teacher’s Book and is not designed as a stand-alone product.

How is it organized?  How long does it take to cover the material?

The 12-week study includes weekly reading, comprehension (or discussion) questions, review activities, and a culminating Cross-Chapter Exploration Project.  Weekly assignments are clearly outlined in the table of contents so teachers can easily adjust the flow, either shortening or lengthening the curriculum as desired.  Click here to view the Teacher’s Book table of contents and sample pages.

What other features you have woven in your curriculum?

Our curriculum is unique as it is observation oriented: Activities are included that allow students to see first-hand characteristics of forms of life, using materials readily available around the home. Notations are made in Cross-Chapter Exploration Projects about different learning styles the project is geared for.

What other materials will I need?

In addition to the 3 books, each chapter contains a supply list that includes materials most families will have around their home.  The curriculum is written to make it usable and cost-effective.  Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth by DK is recommended; this resource has wonderfully vivid photos. Additionally, a microscope (200x or higher, USB recommended) will enhance student’s abilities to observe life forms.

Is the curriculum religious or secular?

The curriculum is secular.  Origins are not explored; the study focuses on the “what” and not the “how” things came to be.

What material does it cover?

Earth Party! begins exploring the life and times of Karl Linnaeus. Questions such as “Why did he create the system of binomial nomenclature? What was going on in science at the time? What system did he create to categorize and describe life?” In weeks 3-4, students will tackle bacteria, fungi, and protists. Weeks 5-6 will be spent exploring awesome invertebrates such as insects, marine invertebrates, spiders, and more. Weeks 7-8 will focus on vertebrates: reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, and mammals. For each of these weeks (exploring one more more kingdoms), students will read (and/or answer questions), and then complete practical labs and activities that will extend and give a genuine experience with material learned in the reading. In weeks 11-12, students will explore the modern “domains of life” and more about characteristics of the animal kingdom such as migration, animal partnerships, and the ever growing list of both new and extinct organisms. (Yes, new species are being discovered all the time!)

Are there assessments to verify student knowledge?

Yes.  Students can write answers to the comprehension questions, complete a culminating Cross-Chapter Exploration Project, and take a written or oral quiz (separated for grades 1-3 and 4-6) to verify learning.

What ages is it appropriate for?

The curriculum is written for grades 1-6. For students in the lower grades, the curriculum can be tailored. Students in grades 6 will be able to complete nearly all of the work, with ease.  Many of the weekly hands-on activities will also be engaging for younger grade school students. (Author Christine Echeverri, of California Out of the Box, taught her own kids this same material in grades 1 and 4! She knows this works!)

What type of learning styles is it appropriate for?

This curriculum is ideal for visual, auditory, and non-traditional learners. 

Is it common core?

Our standards alignment is due out in August 2020.

Where can I purchase the curriculum?

It is available on Amazon and the Carrier Shell Curriculum Bookstore. Check back often as we are in the process of including additional stores.

Can I use charter funds to purchase the curriculum?

Yes.  We are an approved product vendor with Inspire (and newer offshoots), Sky Mountain, iLead, Excel Academy, South Sutter, Ocean Grove, and more.  If you do not see your charter listed, contact your ES to get us added.  We respond quickly so families are able to use charter funds to purchase our curriculum.  Click here for PO instructions.

Are the Teacher’s Book and Student Book consumable?

Yes, both books are consumable. The Teacher’s Book features a game which will need to be cut out of the book; students will write directly into the Student Book.

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