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I have mentioned the Anna Vance Paper Co planners several times over the last few months and specifically how much I love the one I have. Prior to this one, I was using an online planner to map out our lesson plan each week which I would just print and put in a 3-ring binder. I’d print out my free calendar to keep track of months, find a downloadable attendance sheet somewhere, and make spreadsheets for budgets to kind of tie it all together. It was a system that did what it needed to do with no frills or extra perks, and I was fine with that.

Honestly, though, I didn’t know what I was missing.

I began using my paper planner from Anna in January and as I’ve used it over the last six months, I can now say without any doubt that I MUCH prefer it to the online planner. Not only is it a simple way to plan our weeks and add a little beauty to my days, but it also includes so many more options that wouldn’t be possible with the online planner. These are things like:

  • a section where I can write down goals and more personal items about each of my children before the year starts
  • attendance sheets (which are a must for our umbrella school)
  • an overview calendar of the entire year (I use this to quickly figure out when we’ll take our Sabbath weeks, when to schedule co-op, which week we’re on in our schedule, etc.)
  • a section to keep track of how many lessons a certain subject has and how many I’ve done (particularly useful for our math curriculum so I know how far into )
  • monthly calendars
  • weekly lesson plan pages (which are actually better than the online planner I was using as they allow for multiple students)
  • reading lists (I keep track of our all of our books for the year here and which ones I may still need to buy)
  • versatile check lists that can be used to keep track of pretty much anything
  • tracker sheets that are great for habit recording

At the end of every month, there is also a mother culture section where I can keep track of my goals for continuing my own education. And there are Charlotte Mason quotes scattered throughout the whole thing, which are a wonderful way to keep her educational philosophies fresh in my mind. I also love that everything is in one place. No more printing out a bunch of different things to try and keep track of everything. It’s all in one planner.

I do plan to write a more thorough review and walkthrough of her planners sometime this summer, but today I have a fun little announcement regarding them so I thought I’d give an overview first!

I’ve been offering custom homeschool planner designs for several years now, but recently, after getting to know each other and becoming very good friends over the last few months, Anna and I decided to team up and offer new cover designs with her Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool Planners! These covers are customizable or you can also choose from pre-made designs. Right now we’re offering three different covers from which to choose:

I can’t recommend these planners enough and I am so thankful Anna and I were able to work together in this way!

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