21 Best Kids Science Kits: Your Ultimate List


If you’ve made the decision (recently or otherwise) to homeschool your kids or if you simply wish to supplement their learning with a few lessons at home, you will need creative materials to accompany your curriculum. Part of your teaching plan will undoubtedly include science. There’s no need to be scared; science is awesome and kids love it.

Science is not only crucially important to your child’s education overall but it can also be an incredible amount of fun! What can make science so interesting for kids is how it can be taught. You’ve seen what happens when you pitch a pack of Mentos candies into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, right? I’m talking about experiments!

It may seem daunting to teach science to your kids however there are many incredible kits available that will not only help you successfully teach scientific principles but also make learning fun. You may even learn something new, too. 

Our list of 21 Best Science Kits includes materials for many disciplines including chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering. Put on that lab coat (bow tie and crazy hair optional) and get ready to show your kids how you can be the coolest science teacher ever.


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